Platinum Poker Club

DFW's Premier Free Poker League

Rules and Policies

All standard No Limit Texas Hold'em Tournament Rules apply.  Additional rules and policies below will be enforced at Platinum Poker Club tournaments and events, and are subject to change at the discretion of Platinum Poker Club management.

1.  Tournament Directors
All tournament players are expected to respect the authority of tournament directors as they reserve the right to make decisions regarding the fairness of the tournament and players.  Tournament Directors are responsible for settling any disputes regarding play, division of pots, etc.  Tournament Director decisions are final!

2.  Eligibility
All players in a Platinum Poker Club tournament must be at least 18 years of age with valid photo identification, no exceptions.  Only registered players may sit at the tables, and players that have been eliminated must leave the table immediately and check out with the tournament director.

3.  No Gambling
Platinum Poker Club hosts Free Texas Hold'em Tournaments, and therefore, consistent with Texas State Law, no gambling of any kind is permitted at anytime during our events.  This includes cash bets, side bets, or side table cash games.  No form of currency is permitted on the tables at any time for any reason.  Any player who is found to be gambling or attempting to encourage others to do so will be asked to turn in their chips immediately and disqualified for the remainder of the tournament.

4.  No Smoking
In order to create a more enjoyable poker experience for all tournament players, smoking is not permitted at any Platinum Poker Club tournament table.  A designated smoking area (at the bar or outside) will be determined on a venue by venue basis.

5.  Conduct
Inappropriate behavior by tournament players or spectators will not be permitted.  Examples of inappropriate behavior are as follows:  Verbal or physical threats or intimidation, chastising opponents play, obscene or profane language, creating a disturbance by arguing, shouting, or making excessive noise, throwing equipment, destroying property or carrying a weapon.  Sanctions or penalties for such behaviors will be enforced by the tournament director.  Any illegal behavior will be reported to the venue management and/or local police.  This policy includes players that are deemed too inebriated to play or function in a tournament atmosphere without causing a disturbance.  At the discretion of the tournament director, any player that is deemed too inebriated will not be allowed to register for a tournament.  Additionally, any player that becomes too inebriated to continue in a tournament, may be asked to turn in their chips and therefore be disqualified.

6.  Player Etiquette
All tournament players are expected to maintain proper poker etiquette at all Platinum Poker Club events.  The following actions are deemed improper and will not be permitted:  touching another players cards or chips, rabbit hunting, acting out of turn, splashing the pot, revealing another players hand, interfering with the visibility of cards or chips, retrieving mucked cards, or making statements or actions that might influence play in an unfair manner.  If a player is all-in during a hand, all players in the hand will be required to show both cards.  A player that reveals their cards to another player after a hand will be required to reveal their cards to all players at the table.  No string betting is allowed.  Players must announce their intentions ("Call", "Check", "Raise") prior to placing any chips in front of them.

7.  Point Structure
Every player will earn points on a graduating scale based on how many entrants there are at the event and what place the player finishes.  It is imperative that every player check out with the tournament director when they bust out or they will not receive their points for that event.

8.  Blinds / Starting Stacks
Blind length for each tournament will be Twelve (12) minutes per round with standard breaks built in.  All players will start out with 5,500 chips + Bonus Chips.  Chips will be colored up at each break.

9.  Start Time
All tournaments will start promptly at their scheduled start time, and players will be permitted to enter the tournament until the end of the 3rd Round (30 minute mark).  Players entering the tournament after the official start time, will be penalized 1000 of their starting stack.  No players will be permitted to enter the tournament after the first break has begun.

10.  Cell Phones
Cell phone usage, including texting and instant messaging, will not be permitted at tournament tables during a hand.  All players must refrain from using their cell phones during a hand, and are required to step away from the table to answer a call if it is absolutely necessary.